Plant Therapy December Deals + New Product Alert!

Links toย Plant Therapyย are affiliate links. If you buy something through any of theseย links, I make a small commission. It doesnโ€™t cost you anything extra, but helps give me funds to be able to continue bringing you great DIY recipes and other blog content ๐Ÿ™‚ย  25 Days of Deals At the beginning of this month I shared my personal Plant Therapy gift guide. Now Plant Therapy … Continue reading Plant Therapy December Deals + New Product Alert!

Skinny/Sexy/Strong – How About Healthy?

If you know me, you know that I LOVE inspirational quotes. I have journals, books, and iPhoto albums chock full of them. But sometimes I come across quotes that I just can’t get behind. I think it’s pretty dangerous when a catchy quote or slogan gains momentum and lots of people start using it, but it’s underlying message isn’t actually as inspirational or motivational as … Continue reading Skinny/Sexy/Strong – How About Healthy?

Simply Molly 1 Year/1K GIVEAWAY!

I have some very exciting news! This month is the one year anniversary of this blog, and I also recently reached 1,000 followers on my blog’s corresponding Instagram account (@simplymollyblog)! To thank all of my readers, I’ve put together a yoga/wellness/lifestyle gift basket that I’m giving away to one lucky winner! Includes: 1 eos lip balm 1 eos hand lotion 1 bracelet bracelet from Pura … Continue reading Simply Molly 1 Year/1K GIVEAWAY!

The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican author who shares with us ancient Toltec wisdom that has been passed down for generations. The Toltec were a group of people in Mexico that existed during the Mesoamerican time period. They were known as “women and men of knowledge,” and they had a huge impact on the Aztecs. Ruiz has a whole line of books called “Toltec Wisdom … Continue reading The Four Agreements

Plant Therapy Gift Guide + Exclusive Discounts!

Alright y’all. Halloween’s over, and we all know what that means. As much as I hate to admit it, the Christmas season is upon us. Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Christmas – I just love fall and Thanksgiving too, and I need a bit more time with the leaves and the pumpkins before we dive right into theย snow and the ho-ho-ho, ya … Continue reading Plant Therapy Gift Guide + Exclusive Discounts!

Healthified Banana Bread

Hey all and happy November! It’s a new month, a new moon, and a new chance to work on eating healthier! Last month I shared my healthified pumpkin bread recipe, which is really just a variation of the banana bread recipe I’m sharing today! โ€œHealthifiedโ€ means NO: White flour White sugar Butter Vegetable oil Instead I use ingredients like: Whole wheat/white whole wheat flour Honey Coconut … Continue reading Healthified Banana Bread

5 Grocery Shopping Hacks to Keep You on Track

A key part of a healthy lifestyle is the food you eat, and a key part of obtaining the right food is grocery shopping productively and effectively. But have you ever… Gone to the grocery store to buy healthy food and not known where to start? Wandered around the aisles aimlessly? Ended up making lots of impulse buys? Gotten home and just shoved everything you … Continue reading 5 Grocery Shopping Hacks to Keep You on Track

4 Ways To Help Out This Halloween

How are we halfway through October already!? At the beginning of this month, I shared a post about three costumes not to wear this Halloween. I like to include holiday tips & tricks in my blog that others might not know or think about. For example, last Christmas I gave you guys a guide to conscious consumerism at Christmastime. Today I wanted to share a … Continue reading 4 Ways To Help Out This Halloween