See Something, Say Something

See Something, Say Something Everyone loves receiving compliments. There’s something about receiving a spontaneous compliment that just has the power to make your day. It’s an instant day brightener and self-esteem booster. Over the past few weeks I’ve received some really genuine compliments. Some have been from strangers/acquaintances on my appearance (like my hair, make-up, and outfits) and some have been from clients on my work. … Continue reading See Something, Say Something

Manifesting The 2017 of Your Dreams

It’s almost 2017. Can you believe it? I took my own advice and gave presence this holiday season, hence the reason you haven’t seen a new post from me in the past few weeks. Now my mind, like many others, has turned toward the upcoming new year. This time of year is often marked by reflection, introspection, resolutions, and intention setting. Last year I shared … Continue reading Manifesting The 2017 of Your Dreams

Give Presence This Holiday Season

Welcome December Tomorrow is December 1st – can you believe it!? We’ve made it through the mad rush of cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving and the chaos that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Crazy Shopping Extravaganza. So now it’s time for everyone to take a chill pill and just mellow out, right? Not so much. For most people, the past few weeks have been just a small … Continue reading Give Presence This Holiday Season

Skinny/Sexy/Strong – How About Healthy?

If you know me, you know that I LOVE inspirational quotes. I have journals, books, and iPhoto albums chock full of them. But sometimes I come across quotes that I just can’t get behind. I think it’s pretty dangerous when a catchy quote or slogan gains momentum and lots of people start using it, but it’s underlying message isn’t actually as inspirational or motivational as … Continue reading Skinny/Sexy/Strong – How About Healthy?

5 Grocery Shopping Hacks to Keep You on Track

A key part of a healthy lifestyle is the food you eat, and a key part of obtaining the right food is grocery shopping productively and effectively. But have you ever… Gone to the grocery store to buy healthy food and not known where to start? Wandered around the aisles aimlessly? Ended up making lots of impulse buys? Gotten home and just shoved everything you … Continue reading 5 Grocery Shopping Hacks to Keep You on Track

The Muscle of Gratitude (+ 4 Ways to Strengthen It)

Today I had the kind of day that I used to live for – busy. I got up, drove my mom to work (1/2 because she is still recovering from foot surgery and 1/2 because my ’99 CRV, Old Bessie, has been deemed too dangerous to drive), hit the bank and the post office, went to acupuncture, headed to the cafe for lunch and to … Continue reading The Muscle of Gratitude (+ 4 Ways to Strengthen It)

All About Acupuncture

What Is Acupuncture?  Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that is often used in alternative medicine or holistic healthcare regimens. It involves placing very fine, sterile needles on specific points in the body to relieve pain, overcome disease, and bring the body into a balanced state. The core philosophy of acupuncture involves Qi (pronounced “chee“), which is the life force or vital energy that flows … Continue reading All About Acupuncture

Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest 

We live in a society that glorifies busy. We’re always being encouraged to hustle, grind, and work work work work work. “Rise and grind,” they say. “The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.” I see this stuff alllllllll the time on the internet. These “motivational” quotes that are supposed to inspire me to jump out of bed and get my ass in gear. And … Continue reading Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest