Sweet Potato Chips

I love pretty much anything made with sweet potatoes! From simply roasting them, to baking them and adding yummy toppings, to sweet potato french fries – I can’t get enough! Sweet potato chips have also become a definite favorite snack of mine. They are crunchy, crispy, and have that delicious sweet taste! The key to making great chips is to roast them at a very … Continue reading Sweet Potato Chips

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… …and you know what that means! Time to shower your loved one with material tokens to prove that you really love them. Just kidding (mostly). I think that we should show the people we love that we love them EVERY DAY, but I’m also too much of a sap to disregard this Hallmark holiday.Β So today I am going … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

What Groundhog Day Can Teach Us About Optimism

Happy Groundhog Day! I know some of my posts lately have been pretty lengthy, and some a little serious/depressing. So today I wanted to write about something silly! AndΒ I think we can all agree that Groundhog Day is the silliest holiday in our calendar. Today Punxutawny PhilΒ saw his shadow, therefore predicting six more weeks of winter. Had he not seen his shadow, he would have … Continue reading What Groundhog Day Can Teach Us About Optimism

See Something, Say Something

See Something, Say Something Everyone loves receiving compliments. There’s something about receiving a spontaneous compliment that just has the power to make your day. It’s an instant day brightener and self-esteem booster. Over the past few weeks I’ve received some really genuine compliments. Some have been from strangers/acquaintances on my appearance (like my hair, make-up, and outfits) and some have been from clients on my work. … Continue reading See Something, Say Something

Manifesting The 2017 of Your Dreams

It’s almost 2017. Can you believe it? I took my own advice and gave presence this holiday season, hence the reason you haven’t seen a new post from me in the past few weeks. Now my mind, like many others, has turned toward the upcoming new year. This time of year is often marked by reflection, introspection, resolutions, and intention setting. Last year I shared … Continue reading Manifesting The 2017 of Your Dreams

On Life With a Chronic Illness & Holding Yourself Back

I’ve realized something lately. Something that I keep doing that’s really holding me back. I say to myself: “I’ll do (such and such) when I’m feeling (such and such)” For example: “I’ll start going to yoga again when I have more energy” “I’ll work on that project when I’m feeling better” “I’ll figure out my classes when I’m not feeling so stressed” I’ve been saying … Continue reading On Life With a Chronic Illness & Holding Yourself Back

Give Presence This Holiday Season

Welcome December Tomorrow is December 1st – can you believe it!? We’ve made it through the mad rush of cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving and the chaos that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Crazy Shopping Extravaganza. So now it’s time for everyone to take a chill pill and just mellow out, right? Not so much. For most people, the past few weeks have been just a small … Continue reading Give Presence This Holiday Season